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With great pleasure we present, created by our developers team apps for Atlassian products.

Created by listening to the needs of customers.
They have the task of facilitating daily work and automating tasks.
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The Scheduler

Doing things again and again is irritating. Creating repeatable tickets and issues in Jira also. Our add-on The Scheduler do it for you. It will help you to create repeatable tasks in Jira automatically. The only thing you need to do is to prepare your template and determine when a new ticket should be created – that’s all! Your issues can be created every day, every week or in any, definite by you, period of time. Try it and if you like it - just buy the license!

excel connector

Excel Connector for Jira

This add-on is useful for people who value working with Microsoft Excel. Just log-into JIRA using a fold in Excel sheet and you can manage tasks directly in this application. If you change any data in your sheet you can send all changes to Jira using only one button. As Excel fan you can also create new issues directly from Excel sheet and they will be created in the same time in Jira, change statuses or easily clone tasks. You are able to bulk edit multiple issues, or manage issue work-log. Try Excel Connector for Jira today and you will love it.

email task

Email Task

If you need to send some information from Jira via e-mail you should try this add-on. Thanks to it, you can create a template and send information about any issue in Jira via e-mail. You are able to easily customize your templates to individual user’s needs. You can send it to internal Jira users or to external addressees who don’t have accounts in Jira. You can share your templates with other Jira users – it will easily standardized the communication in your company. Facilitate your work – use Email Task for Jira today.

admin tools

Admin Tools for Jira

Are you battling against too many users in Jira? You don’t know who hasn’t been using Jira for very long time and takes us account needed for new active user? Thanks to this plugin you will easily spot users who didn’t log-into Jira for a very long time and deactivate all of them just in one click. And maybe your boss asked you about statistics of using Jira in the company or some department? Nothing is easier – thanks to features in this plugin you will easily and in simple way generate reports about projects or users. And you will be able to send it in Excel sheet – bosses love Excel sheets. Our Admin Tools add-on can do much more. Try it - and you company's life of Administrator will get easier!

staffing timeline

Staffing Timeline

Do you puzzle how to effortlessly check when members of your team have some leave, or going on business trip and there is no chance to get them in the office? You suffer lack of information when something is planned and how long it will last? Using our add-on Staffing Timeline you can easily plan hours and days when individual members of your team are absent or on duty. You can set up non-working days in global scale, according to specific macro and put them on the time line. Finally, the time planning is easy and lucid. Never again edition of Confluence spaces for visibility working, or free time of your team. Plan and act – try and buy Staffing Timeline.

vacation manager

Vacation Manager for Jira

Vacation Manager makes it easy to manage vacation requests in your company. You can set up your own 'vacation types' and allocate free days for users. From user perspective making a vacation request is as easy as creating simple Jira task.

All add-ons can be ordered directly from us.
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We can make add-on to your individual needs.
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