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Rozwiązania IT


Rozwiązania IT

Looking for an IT solution that will improve your business? Do you require an individual approach and would like to use modern tools? Or maybe you just need the programmers who under your supervision will do your project?

Rozwiązania IT

We have many years of experience in implementing IT solutions. We work for a variety of organizations, with different business profiles, so we can properly identify a variety of customer requirements and offer a programming solution that is optimal in terms of functionality, technology, and finances.


the most common challenges in organizations


Problems with document management and control issues, search for earlier versions of a document, and determine which version is appropriate. Complex approval of projects, difficult monitoring of change and organization of group work. Time-consuming document search, insufficient data exchange, work only on "your" files.

Sounds familiar?

Transition Technologies experts will find the right path

We offer comprehensive software solutions that will improve your work:

  • Integration of information exchange systems into a single coherent information system
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Mobile access to most solutions
  • Clear reporting
Eksperci Transition Technologies
  • Templates for collecting requirements and feedback
  • Ordered document flow in the company
  • Project documentation management
  • Knowledge base along with excellent search engine


the most common challenges in organizations


Insufficient monitoring or reporting has been resolved on time, unreadable reports. Several systems for storing information about a particular application, complicated decision making, and the need to log in to multiple systems. Applications hanging endlessly as unclosed, User interface looks like 10 years ago.

Sounds familiar?

Transition Technologies experts will propose a tailor-made solution for your organization

  • Application integration, or replace it with one common
  • Migrate data from other systems and merge into a whole
  • Upgrade Helpdesk software
  • Deployment of Service Desk with SLA support
  • Track subscriptions and monitor progress in solving them
Eksperci Transition Technologies
  • Streamline communications for your colleagues and customers with a friendly, modern interface
  • Embedding the knowledge base in a Service Desk application to help you find your solution faster
  • Automation of work and employee tasks


Collection of best practices

Rozwiązania informatyczne

Gartner's research shows that 60% of corporate IT spending consumes infrastructure and operations, and almost half of IT professionals are involved in day-to-day, tactical processes. Introduction of ITIL allows you to increase your business efficiency by up to 80%.

We offer a full range of ITIL-based IT solutions. We will designate your organization for directions that will improve the efficiency of IT departments.

We are expert in servicing IT for businesses in the following areas:

  • Integration with Internet of Things software - create events based on sensors, such as vehicles or machines
  • Comprehensive solutions for development departments
  • Continuous integration & delivery, build management
  • Solutions based on: Jenkins, Bamboo, Crucible, Fisheye, HipChat
  • Managing the code repository i Bitbucket
  • Code review

If you have not listed the service you are interested in - please contact us. We can still help you.

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We offer comprehensive IT service for your company

Rozwiązania IT


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