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Task of our team



In today's world, many organizations ask themselves: how can I improve my way of working to achieve better results in less time with high quality standards? How can I improve communication within an organization so that every member of the team has a good, reliable, and uniform source of information? Companies are looking for competences that meet the challenges, going beyond improving current processes, proposing new working methods. This is the task for the Atlassian Authorized Partner. Our Experts cooperate with clients with different profiles of activity, different cross-sections and different organizational cultures. Learn about the needs, analyze the current situation and based on best practices, based on their experience, offer optimization work through the use of the Atlassian application. We listen to our customers!

Atlassian support

Our Atlassian Experts are not only experienced in providing and implementing products like JIRA or Confluence, but they also receive professional support from Atlassian. Atlassian partners are supported by producer with access to:

  • Advanced product documentation
  • Detailed information about security patches
  • Previous information about news
  • Direct communication with producer
  • Atlassian Expert Community Portals worldwide
  • Direct meetings with Atlassian employees

Optimal solutions

When you decide to work with a partner, you want to work with someone who cares. As an Authorized Atlassian Expert we are constantly focusing on finding the best solution for your organization. We offer solutions that are most beneficial not only in terms of functionality but also cost. We find the "golden measure". We draw on our experience in working with clients, small and large. We know that every organization is different. We want to get to know the customer well in order to best understand how he works and how JIRA or Confluence can improve his work. Customers want to find the right software and find professional help in its implementation. Organizations are aware that they will face the challenge of using software in ways they have never before. Atlassian experts are able to offer a solution tailored to the individual needs of the client, based on his knowledge and experience.

How to choose the right Atlassian Partner?

Check out the Atlassian Partner Status

Working with an authorized partner ensures that you are working with an experienced team of experts who are backed by Atlassian to implement JIRA or Confluence applications successfully.
Visit Atlassian Solution Partners website and check out information about us.


Experience with Atlassian applications

As you have already verified your partner as an Atlassian Expert, it's best to check how long you are working with JIRA, Confluence, and others. We use JIRA, Confluence and many plugins in our organization on a daily basis. If your partner is working with Atlassian applications for more than 5 years, you can be sure that he or she has experience in implementing a variety of simple, complex implementations, and that the partner delivers quality service. A partner who is weak will not stay on the market for so long.

Experts at Transition Technologies have been supporting the Atlassian systems for 8 years.

Partner office location

Today it is very easy to look bigger than it really is. There is nothing wrong with working from home as a home office and using a virtual office when a business starts, but once you become a mature organization, you should have a professional office. Whether the Expert has a physical office should be a significant factor in selecting a Partner.

Transition Technologies has 9 offices in Poland

Case studies

We know how important it is to work with clients, and we will be happy to share information about Atlassian applications that we have encountered with our customers. At the meeting we will tell you what problem we have solved at the client and we will be happy to answer if we can help you too.
Contact us - we offer a free introductory session.


Presence in Atlassian Ecosystem

As the Atlassian Gold Partner Partner, we actively participate in conversations with other Atlassian users and administrators around the world. We ask other partners questions and we support others with their own knowledge. Our range of knowledge is constantly expanding. We are present at conferences and meetings organized by producer.
Eksperci Transition Technologies
Eksperci Transition Technologies
Eksperci Transition Technologies
Eksperci Transition Technologies

Tell us what you need

If you want to ask us anything related to JIRA, Confluence, Service Desk, or you are looking for a comprehensive solution based on Atlassian applications, just call us or write - we will be happy and quick to respond.


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